Fall Photos Leaves

Pascoag Reservoir (a.k.a. Echo Lake) 2008


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Fall-2008_001 Fall-2008_002 Fall-2008_003 Fall-2008_004 Fall-2008_014
Fall-2008_017 Fall-2008_018 Fall-2008_021 Fall-2008_029 Fall-2008_032
Fall-2008_036 Fall-2008_037 Fall-2008_040 Fall-2008_046 Fall-2008_051
Fall-2008_058 Fall-2008_068 Fall-2008_069 Fall-2008_073 Fall-2008_077
Fall-2008_083 Fall-2008_089 Fall-2008_096 Fall-2008_104 Fall-2008_107

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