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Welcome to the Pascoag Reservoir

Dam Management District






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We will be opening the gate in two weeks (10/17). The gate will be opened to winter level and the lake level will drop rather quickly over the following week. Please take these next two weeks to make all watercraft and docks winter ready. Please share this message with your neighbors, we have over 80% of the members email.

For those of you that have sent in your 2021 $50 District fee, thank you. For those that have not please send to avoid late charges. Invoices sent electronically or USPS  late August. Please remit to PRDMD PO Box 1071, Chepachet, RI 02814. One more item that has been brought up at annual meetings is our invasive weed situation. If all of us , including significant others, take 30 seconds and complete the survey/petition by simply clicking on the Endorsement Survey below we could possibly see state funding to control the lake weeds. Please note PRDMD does not have any jurisdiction regarding invasive weeds but this problem impacts us all.

Save The Lakes Endorsement Survey to Combat Aquatic Invasive Species

   Purpose. - To prevent threats to the general public welfare, public safety and public and private property caused by the failure or breach of the Pascoag Dam (consisting of the Main Dam and the West Dike) and to protect the values associated with the Dam through the implementation of Dam repairs, maintenance and management by apportioning among and collecting from the owners of property within the district the costs of maintaining and repairing the Dam and the access routes to the Dam.

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    P.O. Box 1071

    Chepachet, RI, 02814


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