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Pascoag Reservoir

Dam Management District




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Dam Safety and Maintenance Task Force Final Report 

Date Issued:  January 2001

Issued by:  RI DEM

Description:  Task Force appointed by the RI Governor to analyze and make recommendations on dam safety


The Dam Safety Regulations

Date Issued:  December 2007

Issued by:  RI DEM

Description: To provide for the safety of dams to protect the public, real property and natural resources by establishing reasonable standards and to create a public record for reviewing the performance of dams.


Enabling Legislation for Dam Management Districts

Date Issued:  March 2005  -  Amended: July 2008

Issued by:  State of Rhode Island

Description:  The purpose of this chapter is to authorize the cities and towns of the state to adopt ordinances creating dam management districts for dams


State of Rhode Island General Laws

Tax Sales  -  Index Of Sections

Of interest may be:  44-9-14, 44-9-17, 44-9-19, & 44-9-29

Date Linked:  April 2011

Issued by:  State of Rhode Island

Description: This is a link to the full index of Rhode Island Laws relating to Tax Sales.


Inspection of Dams and Reservoirs - Chapter 46-19-5 & -9

Date Amended:  June 2006,  Original 1896

Issued by:  State of Rhode Island

Description:  Amended to authorize the director of environmental management to carry out measures to mitigate unsafe conditions of dams around the state. The act would also require the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency to develop emergency action plans by July 1, 4 2008 for all significant or high hazard dams in the state



Link to Chapter 45-15, Actions by and Against Towns

Date Issued: 

Issued by:  State of Rhode Island

Description:  Indemnity of public officials, employees, or elected officials.


Public Use of Private Lands–Liability Limitations

Link to Chaprter 32-6

Date Issued: 

Issued by:  State of Rhode Island

Description:  To encourage owners of land to make land and water areas available to the public for recreational purposes by limiting their liability to persons entering thereon for those purposes.



 § 45-62-5.1  Immunity from civil liability. Pascoag Reservoir Dam Management District created pursuant to this chapter shall be immune from civil liability for any tort committed upon any lake bed the Pascoag Reservoir Dam Management District may acquire, hold, use or lease pursuant to § 42-62-3.

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